Card Sets


17 4 x 6" cards and envelopes
-2 cards of each picture plus one group picture totaling 17

Set #1 includes: Sophie with the camper; Newman, Zhoe and Tami running in the snow; Tami laying on the surf; Max and Dogo walking in the woods; Berlin laying in the snow; Alfie and Makena on the sand; Ansel and Indiana in the grass; Shasta in the snow and group shot of dogs in the mountains.

Set #2 includes: Watson in the snow; Indie and Ansel in the snow; Newman in the snow; Tami on the rocks; Athala, Tosca and Tarah Bella on the sand; Sophie on the boat; Heidi and Beowulf laying in the mountains; Hawkeye in the grass and the group shot of dogs in the mountains


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